School booking form

Schools and organisations form

  • • There must be a teacher or guardian present for the entire session.
    • Consent and permission for climbers is at the responsibility of the Organiser (teacher/guardian booking the group).
    • The Organiser is responsible for lost or damaged hire equipment.
    • Only those climbers registered and paid for are permitted to climb.
    • Participants must be in good health and physically and mentally fit.
• Participants must comply with Rock it climbing centre's rules and regulations.

    The undersigned Organiser/Participants indemnifies Rock it climbing centre in respect of any claim or demand made or action commenced by the Organiser/Participants or any person against Rock it climbing in connection with any injury, loss or damage suffered in connection with the Organiser/Participant’s participation in the activities conducted by or at Rock it climbing centre. The Organiser/Participants releases and discharges Rock it climbing centre from any and all claims, actions, suits, demands, costs, damages and expenses which the Participants may hereafter have against Rock it climbing centre.

    • I have read and understand the waiver as stated.
    • I acknowledge and agree with the waiver and release.
    • I affirm that my health and the health of the Participants for which whom I am representing is good and my participation in Rock it climbing centre activities is voluntary.
    • I release Rock it climbing centre from all liability for any injury to me from participation in Rock it climbing centre activities.

Please pay within 7 days after your session as we are a new business and we rely on your support!

If required by your school, find our insurance Certificate of currency here.