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If you are new to climbing or if you wish to improve your skills and techniques, then read on!

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New heights

Climbing is all about enjoyment and personal challenge. It is very social and it is only competitive when you wish it to be. This is your opportunity to experience indoor climbing with the help of our qualified staff. We will take you through safety and introduce you to basic equipment and techniques that will allow you and a climbing partner to begin (a life of) climbing. You will learn how to belay properly and to move up the wall with confidence. This session will last approximately 2 hours (or longer if you’re keen) where you will be fitted with equipment, taken through basic instruction and guided through your first climbs. Groups are very small and booking as pairs of climbers works best so that one person can climb as the other belays (holds the safety rope). This is a private session, so dates will be determined by arrangement.
Prices are inclusive of equipment and an hour of coaching and a FREE return visit.
Rate is $120 for two people.

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Lead belay and lead climbing course

This combined course is for experienced top-rope climbers seeking to advance to the next level of climbing. For climbers wishing to play on our more advanced walls or for those wanting to venture into outdoor sports climbing, this course is highly recommended. In limited numbers, we will take you through safe belaying techniques using a number of devices and safe technique.  Afterwards, we’ll introduce you to lead climbing – more safety, rope management and lead climbing techniques.
Because this course is a little more involved, it will take place over two evening sessions.
Prices are inclusive of equipment, but you are welcome to use your own. Rates are $90 per person.

  • Participants must be 16 years of age or older
  • Classes will be scheduled over 2 evenings for 2 hours each session
  • Climbers will be allowed to lead climb/belay at the gym following their successful lead assessments at the end of the course
  • Ask at the counter regarding scheduling and booking or phone 62 34 1090

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Junior development programs

Are you a young person interested in joining one of our regular climbing development groups? We get together weekly for training. Become the best you can be while having incredible fun!