Birthdays and other parties

Everybody loves a party and there’s no better way to burn off that excitement than with a session at Rock it – where good weather is always guaranteed!

We can host parties for up to 30 people per session during days, evenings and weekends.
Bookings are necessary and can include use of our private party rooms (self-catering only – fridge and microwave).
For younger crowds (under 12), it is good to have some additional parent support as our minimum belay age is 12. (usually one adult per 4- 5 kids is plenty of help, $5 per belayer and includes instruction and harness)
Sessions are usually scheduled in 2-hour slots.     NOTE: We open at 12 PM every day.

Book midweek and receive the free use of a party room!*

Rates are $15 per guest. This includes:

  • optional use of our party room ($20)
  • harness hire ($5 for adult belayers)
  • instruction
  • rope climbing
  • kids activities (tunnels  – we have 5)
  • birthday invitations – we will email a file
  • weekend time-slots are from 12-2, 2-4, 4-6 PM
  • Please fill in our online booking form where you can process everyone at once instead of completing individual applications and our online waiver form, in order to save some time on the day!

*Offer not valid during school holidays or public holidays