Schools and organisations

Climbing with a group can be a blast since it’s just as much fun to watch as it is to climb.

Bookings are essential as everyone will need to need to be properly briefed before climbing or belaying.

For schools

Our indoor rock climbing experiences are considered part of the Australian Curriculum for health and Physical Education. Within the context of movement and physical activity, we promote:

  • challenge and adventure activities
  • fundamental movement skills
  • health-related physical activities

For school groups  please fill in our online form.  Please be aware that parents/guardians are required to complete a waiver form on behalf of their children (under 18) prior to participating.

Note that we welcome out-of-hours bookings (before noon), but a minimum of 15 students is required and the school will be charged for the numbers booked.

Schools are allowed a 20% absentee rate from their bookings. Example, if you book for 20 students and 16 arrive, you will only be charged for 16, but if  you book for 20 students and 12 arrive, you will be still charged for 16.

Unless by other arrangement, sessions are scheduled to run in 2-hour blocks. We will attempt to offer booking priority for those classes traveling long distances.

Buses will be able to pick-up and drop-off on Bathurst Street, as there is no on-site parking.

Student rates are $13 (K-6), $15 (7-12). Discounts can be negotiated for programs or multiple session with the same group.

Please pay within 7 days after your invoice as we rely on your support.


For other registered youth organisations

For registered organisations other than schools (eg: church, scout, sports,..), also please fill in our online form.  A teacher or group leader can process students under one registration and indemnity form.

Hire shoes are not necessary, but climbers are requested to wear tight-fitting runners.

Rates are $15 per climber.