Casual rates

NO BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED, unless you are a group of more than 6 persons;  you simply come to the counter and we will look after you from there.

For your first visit, you will need to complete a waiver form, then be checked off by one of our staff in order to belay (to safely hold the rope when someone else climbs).  This can be done in a group environment as well. For any lead climbing (with your own rope), both belay and climber will need to be checked off by staff before any climbing can commence.  As we anticipate a bottle neck for this process given the numbers of new climbers that will appear once we’ve opened, bookings for this process is recommended.

Harnesses are mandatory for rope climbing for both the climber and the belay.  It is okay to wear running shoes.

Note to parents and carers: Children under age 13 MUST be accompanied by an adult unless participating in one of our programs. Drop-offs are not permitted except with our Junior development groups and holiday programs.


Casual rates

Basic entry* Harness Shoes Package price
Adult (18 and over) $17 $5  $5  $25
Uni student (valid student ID) $15 $5  $5  $23
School student (17 and under) $15 Included  $5  $18
Child (under 7) $12 Included  NA  $12
4 person family (1+3 or 2+2) $50 Included $5  $60
Bouldering only $15  NA  $5  $19
Bouldering only (12-3pm, normal weekdays)
$10 NA NA  $10
Belay only (not climbing)
$5 (first visit only)  $5  NA  NA

Better packages apply for groups!

If you want come along more often and save a few dollars, then consider a 10-visit pass.
When your visits are used up you can easily recharge your account with another block of visits.

Once you’re sure that climbing is definitely for you, then consider a full membership. It is the best value offered.

10-visit passes*

Adult (18 and over) 10 visits $145   Add gear for 10 visits: $45
Uni or TAFE student (w. student ID) 10 visits $135 Add gear for 10 visits: $45
School student (13 – 17 w. student ID) 10 visits $125 Add gear for 10 visits: $45

* 10-visit cards expire after 12 months and are not transferable.
* 10-visit card holders are entitled to a 10% discount on our climbing products:

*With 10-visit entry prices, we recommend that you arrive with your own gear. For safety reasons, the use of your own hardware is at the discretion of our staff, so in other words, please ensure that your equipment is compliant and in good order.